NICU Fathers Benefit from HUGYour Baby Teaching

Using HUG Your Baby in a NICU increases fathers’ knowledge of their infants. [Kadivar, M., Mozafarinia, M. (2013). Supporting fathers in a NICU: Effects of the HUG Your Baby program on father’s understanding of preterm infant behavior. Journal of Perinatal Education. 22(2), 113-119.]
  • MSN project for Iranian student in a tertiary level NICU in Tehran.
  • Student professionally translated HUG Your Baby parent education resources into Farsi and completed Certified HUG Teacher training.
  • Hospital layout and protocols made it difficult for mothers to visit their babies for several days.
  • Student used translated HUG Your Baby materials to teach a one-hour class to fathers whose babies were in the NICU and spent one-on-one time reviewing each baby’s behavior with his father.
  • 23 fathers in both control and intervention group.
  • Research tool: The Knowledge of Preterm Infant Behavior (KPIB) scale.
  • Results: Fathers in intervention group had increased knowledge of infant behavior.
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