Pediatric Nurse Becomes a Certified HUG Teacher

Karra Coburn is a pediatric nurse in Durham, NC . She shares her experiences becoming a Certified HUG Teacher.

With the knowledge I received from this course, I am now able to meet families and their babies where they are at. Together, we are able to understand their babies body language, sleeping habits, comforting measures, and feeding rituals. I have developed a better understanding about the ways in which newborns communicate, utilizing that to develop techniques to better soothe their child's unique needs. I took the information I obtained and was fortunate enough to teach a class to my best friends, who all happen to be first time mothers. I was so happy to see how much of an impact I had, and how much my teaching helped all three of them. I am grateful I was given the opportunity to take this course, and grateful for the help and knowledge Jan Tedder provided me with. As I begin my career as a pediatric nurse, I will be certain to utilize this course in order to better serve my patients and their families!