Study confirms value of HUG in Special Care Nursery

Implementing a parent education program in the Special Care Nursery. 

Hunter, L., Blake, S., Simmons, C., Thompson, J. & Derouin, A. (2018). Journal of Pediatric Health Care, Aug 23, 1-7.

  • Parents with babies in a NICU or SCN typically find this environment to be stressful and intimidating.
  • DNP project to explore impact of HUG Your Baby teaching on SCN parents.
  • 22 mothers with babies in the SCN watched the HUG Your Baby parent education video and met with a DNP student trained in HUG Your Baby.
  • Research tools included PSS:NICU (evaluates stress experienced by parents) and PMP SE (evaluates maternal-infant interactions).
  • Results: Significant decrease in maternal stress and increase in maternal confidence.