HUG Your Baby Returns to ITALY!!

My husband, Jim, and I arrived in northern Italy and made our way to Udine for a lovely visit and HUG Your Baby event. Udine is a great hub from which to explore Friuli. It is one hour to tremendous mountains and a turn around one hour trip to remarkable coast in Trieste. The sights were so spectacular I thought our eyes might pop right out of our heads!  
Jan and Martina Gregoris

We want to celebrate the work and dedication of Martina Gregoris, who is a doula, infant massage educator and becoming a Certified HUG Teacher. and a psychologist. She helped to promote and organize a wonderful gathering with educators, doulas, physical therapist and mothers in Udine. I was able to share a general overview of HUG Your Baby and discuss how these concepts might connect to the work these professionals do. Lots of connections were made and plans for future collaborations were explored. What a glorious time we have had!.We want to return to give and receive a big HUG! 
HUG training in Udine