Parents Share Their Thoughts on The HUG

Kathryn Wilson, new Certified HUG Teacher, shares a story about how to teach The HUG.

Jen and Dan and five-week-old, Henry.

I presented the information is a discussion format starting with The HUG quiz. This was a great tool for getting the conversation started. We talked about the different Zones and how they can be affected by SOS cues. This was a new concept for the parents and it helped them in understanding what their son was "saying" to them. I also showed the portion of The HUG DVD describing the Zone and SOS cues to reinforce our discussion. Overall, I was able to present the information in a little over an hour. Jen sent me the following email after our meeting.

"What was most helpful was learning about the SOS signs. It was good to see the signs of when he is getting over-stimulated, especially since I've seen all those signs but didn't know what they meant, or never thought about it. I had never considered crossing his arms in front of him before. I've even noticed that just putting my hand on him calms him down at times especially when is is breathing really fast. I also thought the little multiple choice quiz was really interesting. We both thought the presentation was very thorough and was the perfect amount of time. We can't thank you enough for doing it four us. We really enjoyed it. Thanks again! (Mother) Jen