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Peer-reviewed article confirms: Childbirth and Parenting Professionals Value and Recommend HUG Training

"Teaching for Birth and Beyond: Online Program Incorporated into Birthing and Parenting Certification" is a peer-reviewed article by Jan Tedder, BSN,FNP, IBCLC recently published in the International Journal of Childbirth Education (July 2012 vol. 27 (3):65-68).

Professionals know that parents are eager to assure a safe and informed birth--and also that parents want information on life beyond the birth experience. "How can I be a successful breastfeeding mother?" "How can I understand my baby's body language?" "What do I do when my baby REALLY cries?" "How can I help my baby (and me!) get a good night's sleep?"

Birth and post-partum doulas as well as lactation and childbirth educators are in the perfect position to answer such questions.

Teaching for Birth and Beyond confirms that HUG Your Baby training provides useful tools and techniques to enhance professionals' teachings. This article explores the rationale for teaching about newborn behavior, reviews course content, and presents course evaluations by 110 professionals who completed HUG training in 2011-12.

Among other conclusions, 100% of HUG training participants report the following:
"This program gave me helpful tools and strategies for teaching parents about newborn behavior."
"This online learning format was easy to follow."
"I would recommend this course to colleagues."
"This course is consistent with and reinforces the vision and mission of my organization (CAPPA)."

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