New Certified HUG Teacher hears, "Now I know what my baby is saying to me!"

Kathryn Wilson is a Lactation Educator Childbirth Educator (CAPPA) and a certified postpartum doula (NAPS) in Edmonds, Washington. It is exciting when a professional with this much experience still has something to learn! Hear what she has to say about becoming the newest Certified HUG Teacher.

As a postpartum doula and childbirth educator, I’m always looking for new ideas to help new parents in the stressful and uncertain early weeks of parenthood. An email from H.U.G. Your Baby arrived in my in box right as I was investigating the Bringing Baby Home program. I was drawn to the HUG program because of the training required, the affordable cost, and most importantly, the program addresses the issues and concerns I hear most often from new parents.

I have been able to share the HUG principles in a variety of situations. A new mom I was working with postpartum was convinced her son didn’t like her. I showed her the different Zones as her son would move through them. When he was in the Ready zone, we played and I had her call his name. The look of joy and astonishment as her son turned towards her was priceless! “My baby does like me!” she exclaimed.

One of my favorite aspects of teaching childbirth classes is the reunion with all the babies. In a group of 8-10 babies, chances are pretty good that I’ll be able to show all of the zones at one time and all of the SOS’s will be displayed. I’ve taken the opportunity to use the reunion to talk to parents about their developing newborn and what is most difficult for them to cope with when learning about their little one. Sleep and feeding issues top the list of concerns. By giving them the HUG principles, they leave the reunion with confidence and the knowledge to be able to say, “Now I know what my baby is saying to me.”

I’m so glad that HUG Your Baby found me. I believe that the principles of the materials will be the perfect addition to my classes and meeting the needs of my postpartum clients. On behalf of all new parents, thank you, Jan!