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Australian Midwife/Lactation Consultant becomes a Certified HUG Teacher

Emerald Rice is a midwife and lactation consultant from Brisbane Australia. She has just completed the Certified HUG Teach program and share a bit of her experience with us.

The HUG YOUR BABY program has been great for me in my role as Post Natal midwife and Lactation Consultant. I see new parents learning the practical skills of being parents and issues involving learning the normal behavior of newborns.

Reading feeding cues and deciphering baby’s cues is the hardest for them to cope with. I enjoy watching parents having their lightbulb moment when they discover through “Broadcasting” infant behaviors. I have enjoyed using the HUG concepts of “Start here, not There” with parents as it ensures their needs are met.

I have been able to help a mother who was convinced she did not have enough milk for her baby as she felt she was feeding "all the time". Watching, observing and “Broadcasting” helped the mother and the father understand their baby's Zones and readiness to feed. I felt I was able to help mothers determine sleep cycles and understanding transition from one Zone to another.