HUG Your Baby Contributes to Work of an Experienced Lactation Consultant

Renya Joselevitz, a lactation consultant from Chula Vista, California, shares how HUG Your Baby has enhanced her work with your families.

Even though I knew some of the concepts from HUG, I am amazed how little I actually used when dealing with the new families.New moms and dads love to see how smart their babies are and to understand their baby's behavior. For instance, I see that parents seem a bit more patient when their baby increases her crying at 2 weeks because they are expecting it and now know this increased crying is normal.

On Monday I loved watching a dad repeating the signs of SOS and reminding mom that what the baby was doing is normal. Before my eyes I saw mom physically relax.

I have to admit that I still need to think about how I will integrate HUG Your Baby into my work: what aspects of this program am I going to use and how I will talk to the new parents about this information. Old habits die hard, but I am feeling more confident every day that goes by while I practice these beautiful techniques and share the information I learned in this course.