Oregon Early Head Start Professional Becomes a Certified HUG Teacher

Monica Oyola is a Early Childhood Educator and has worked for Early Head Start for eight years.  She serves low income families in Washington County (Oregon) as a Home Visitor Teacher. with Early Head Start. Through the years the community she serves has changed. She now serves more young moms, refugees and those from diverse backgrounds.  She hoped that the Certified HUG Teacher course will help her promote and support breastfeeding based both on the family’s needs and on the growth and development of their baby.

Having the opportunity to take this course was really great. I feel more confident when I talk to parents about breastfeeding.

Previous to this course, my knowledge about breastfeeding was fairly basic. Being able to observe a mother and her baby more deeply and apply what I learned has been great. I feel proud when I see a mother’s face light up with the satisfaction that she has provided what her baby needs.

I am fortunate to work with a diverse population and I have come to understand and to respect the varied beliefs of others. Completing this course has improved my ability to work with families from different backgrounds. This understanding allows me to provide families with the support and education they want and need. Some local organizations cut off services when a baby turns 12 months old. We are lucky to continue offering breastfeeding support and advocacy for families for a longer period of time.

Thank you, HUG Your Baby, for making this course available.