What Australian Colleagues say about the HUG Your Baby Workshop!

It was  a joy to share HUG Your Baby with birth and early parenting professionals in Adelaide, Cairns and Brisbane. These professionals had important questions to ask, inspiring stories to tell, and exciting plans to share for how they might incorporate HUG Your Baby into their work with young families!

Here is what they said about this workshop:

What was your favorite aspect of the HUG Your Baby workshop?
·       The interaction with participants
·       Practical tips – especially “broadcasting & commentating”
·      Resources to better equip parents in their journey to parenting
·      Identifying baby cues, SOSs and how to encourage engagement with fathers
·      Workshop was fun, interactive and relevant that fits well with my core beliefs
·      Videos of young parents
·      A very good day - interesting, informative, never boring. Excellent. Thank you.
·      Jan is so wonderfully passionate about working with families and it definitely shows! 
·      This was a most enjoyable day
·      I have already used The HUG techniques with babies that were only 2 to 4 hrs old-- and it works!

You can read all about our July 2016 Australian/New Zealand HERE.