Japan: Preparing HUG Presentations at Kagawa University School of Nursing

It is exciting to be preparing for upcoming HUG Your Baby presentations during the International Teaching Tour!

Today I am preparing for two presentations at Kagawa University in Japan. On July 11 I will present to the nursing school, including both maternal-child professionals as well as faculty who teach other nursing courses. I will use The HUG to address the broader question of innovative nursing practice.

"The Nurse as Innovator: HUG Your Baby, One Example of Innovative Nursing Practice"

"Consider components of a nursing innovation: making assessment, taking time, being specific, taking small steps, sharing your goal, collaborating with others, and evaluating your progress. Review the history and development of HUG Your Baby as one example of how a nurse can create a new program. Ask participants to reflect on their own goals and dreams and to consider steps they can take today"

This second presentation, on July 12, is for BSN students and will be a part of the maternity and pediatric course. Therefore, I will focus on the child development and medical literature used to develop The HUG and on resources used that support young families.

"HUG Your Baby: Helping Parents Understand the Language of their Newborn"

"Explore innovative language to help parents identify a newborn's states and stress responses. Consider how this information can be used to address issues around a baby's eating, sleeping, crying and attachment. Boost parent confidence, enhance breastfeeding, and promote the parent-child relationship by using HUG Your Baby ideas, skills and materials now available in Japanese."