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Jan Tedder, BSN, FNP, IBCLC, has just begun the 2013-2014 HUG Your Baby International Teaching Tour!  After more than thirty years of much-loved work as a nurse practitioner, lactation consultant, and faculty in resident physician training, Jan has decided to share her life's work with birth and parenting professionals around the world! 

Jan is delighted by the enthusiastic response of lactation, childbirth and parenting professionals, as well as nursing school educators, who are all interested in learning more about HUG Your Baby. Thus far, HUG presentations are scheduled in nursing schools and parenting institutes, at international conferences, and for lactation, childbirth and doula organizations, and hospitals in:
    • Seoul, Korea
    • Tokyo and Kagawa, Japan
    • Melbourne (speaking at ILCA), Sydney and Hobart, Australia
    • Chiang Mai and Bangkok, Thailand
    • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    • Brunei
Efforts are also underway to offer HUG Your Baby training in Indonesia, New Zealand, Europe, and the UK. (Click HERE to follow HUG's calendar of events.)

This great adventure would not be possible without the personal support and academic skills of Jan's husband, Jim Henderson. As a lifelong educator and researcher, and editor for HUG Your Baby, Jim will be sharing the platform with Jan to discuss "HUG Your Baby for Fathers." (In addition, Jim will be busy sharing his recently completed musical, Ariel's Way, at international schools and performing arts venues.)

Jan will be managing HUG Your Baby activities via the Internet (hugyourbaby@earthlink.net) as she and Jim travel, and will be assisted "back home" by friend and colleague, Jes Kelley (919-923-6609,  jes4hugyourbaby@gmail.com). HUG Your Baby Trainers, Gale Touger (gale@touger.net) and Barbara Hotelling (barbara@hotelling.net), will continue to offer HUG workshops and presentations.

Jan and Jim want to take you with them--in spirit and in stories! They will be researching and writing about parents' experiences world-wide, and Jim has promised to write a lullaby for each country they visit. Follow their encounters with babies, mothers and fathers around the world in this HUG Your Baby blog. (Just click the "FOLLOW THIS BLOG BY EMAIL" in the top right box and add your email address.)

Jan and Jim are thankful for the support, encouragement and mentoring of those who have contributed to our own "growth and development" through many years.  We send you best wishes for the important ways in which each of you continues to touch the lives of families in our world!