#100 - A Magic Number for CAPPA and HUG Your Baby!

Today the 100th CAPPA trainee completed the HUG Your Baby Part I online course. This is what she had to say, "Not only did I learn a lot from this course, but I had a great time hearing all the wonderful stories! Thank you!"

Last year CAPPA leadership decided that this HUG online course would be a requirement for all new CAPPA certifications. The process, the feedback, the sharing of ideas has gone well!

I often try to make a quick phone call to the professionals who are completing this online course. "How did you like the course?" "Did you encounter any technical difficulties?" "What can we do to improve this educational experience?" "Though you are an experienced professional, were you exposed to new ideas or a new way of sharing familiar ideas?"

Those I happen to catch by phone have much to share. I am always amazed and humbled by the variety of ways women find to support pregnant couples and young families. From time to time I have connected one CAPPA professional with another HUG Your Baby learner/practitioner. How wonderful it is to see them exchanging their experiences and ideas with one another!

100% of CAPPA participants agree to this statements: "This HUG course is consistent with the vision and mission of CAPPA," and "I would recommend this course to colleagues."

So, #100 we celebrate YOU and all you do! And, we celebrate an exciting and ongoing collaboration between CAPPA and HUG Your Baby. We look forward to #200!