Winner of First "HUG Your LC" Scholarship

HUG Your Baby wants to thank and support professionals who devote exceptional passion and energy to moms and babies in their communities. This year we are pleased to offer a training scholarship to a local lactation educator who is engaged in the exciting, challenging (and expensive) lactation consultant training process.

Angie Hilliard has worked with breastfeeding mothers for decades. As a student of the late Mary Tulley (a regional and national lactation leader) and a home visiting peer counselor in central North Carolina, Angie has years of "hands-on" experiece, good sense, and knowledge of when to tweak a situation and when to refer to backup lactation consultants. Over the years I have heard about her dedication, thorough evaluations, and tireless encouragement of new mothers. She has been only a phone call away from me when I have been stumped by a challenging breastfeeding problem at UNC Family Medicine.

Angie deserves both thanks and support as she moves forward in her study to become a lactation consultant. HUG Your Baby is delighted to award her our first "HUG Your LC" scholarship. This scholarship gives Angie access to the Health e-Learning IBCLC Lactation Exam Practice as she prepares to take this international exam, given once a year in July.

Best wishes, Angie. We're proud of you!!