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WIC Peer Counselors give feedback about HUG Training!

This month a classroom of NC Breastfeeding Peer Counselors completed the HUG Your Baby training. I was so impressed by the passion and dedication of these women who spend their days supporting breastfeeding mothers in their communities. Sharing success stories and challenging moments these WIC women and l learned from one anothers' experiences. Hear now what these professionals had to say about "Getting The HUG!"

100% "Strongly Agree or Agree" with "Today’s topics and activities were relevant to my work."

100% "Strongly Agree or Agree" with "The speakers used more than one method to present their topics (visual, verbal, written handout etc)."

100% "Strongly Agree or Agree" with "The speaker explained the topics clearly and understandably."

Do you have WIC counselors in your community who might benefit from HUG Training? If so, contact HUG Your Baby and bring The HUG to your neighborhood!