New Parent Educator Finds a Home for The HUG in Her Hospital

Guest author, Kaye C. Kennamer, RN, BSN, LCCE, is a new Certified HUG Teacher. She has worked for years as a nurse, childbirth, and parent educator and really know what makes parents tick! Kaye has integrated The HUG into her work with young families and is excited about the feedback she is hearing.

"As a registered nurse and long time Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, I was extremely delighted to discover The HUG. The HUG program is a wonderful tool to help health care professionals explain the various infant states to new parents. Helping new parents recognize how their newborn actually communicates with them through subtle curs helps to increase the parents’ confidence level in their abilities to meet and satisfy their newborns’ needs.

"I have used the DVD in several of my parenting classes and have enjoyed the positive reception the video has received. My duties as Patient/Community Educator at my local hospital include daily rounding times with all the breastfeeding mothers. On several occasions, I have encountered couples who attended my classes and viewed The HUG prenatally. These parents were already beginning to recognize the differences between deep/quiet sleep and light/active sleep, as well as demonstrating how to appropriately respond to their infants S.O.S! Quite a few parents have also requested to watch the video again in their room during their postpartum stay in the hospital.

The HUG has proven to be an effective educational tool, which I plan to incorporate into our expectant parent curriculum. Coworkers who have viewed the video also wholeheartedly tout its effectiveness. Additionally, I hope to stockpile an ample supply of The HUG DVD’s, for individual purchase, in our hospital gift shop!"