HUG Your Baby goes to WIC-Guildford County North Carolina

It was my great pleasure to join 40 WIC professionals in Greensboro, North Carolina, this morning. It was exciting to see that those present included lactation consultants, nutritionists, peer counselors and administrative staff. When considering how to integrate a new program into a facility, it's important to include ALL the professionals who will interact with patients. That's what happened today!

We explored HUG Your Baby's "Roadmap to Breastfeeding Success." Participants seemed especially interested in video demonstrating how to calm a fussy baby, how to differentiate a baby's deep and light sleep, and how to identify a baby's signs of over-stimulation. At the end of the workshop these professionals broke into small groups to consider what steps they might take to bring these child development and breastfeeding resources to patients. They had LOTS of good ideas!

Participants completed knowledge pre- and post-tests. They also completed a  survey on their current teaching of patients about how changes in a child's development impacts breastfeeding and on how they intend to teach after the workshop. In addition, they shared information about their confidence to teach parents and their feedback about the workshop. See results below.

Pre- and Post-Test Results

Pre-test: 31% failed; 69% passed
Post-test: 6% failed; 94% passed

Your Teaching of Parents
You teach (or give written information on) issues BEFORE workshop compared to your plans to teach (or give written information on) issues AFTER workshop

1.     Teaching about signs of over-stimulation
a.     Before Workshop: 37%
b.     Plans after Workshop: 97%
2.     Teaching about crying
a.     Before Workshop: 44%
b.     Plans after Workshop: 97%
3.     Teaching about sleep cycles
a.     Before Workshop: 25%
b.     Plans after Workshop: 97%
4.     Teaching about change in stooling at 4-6 weeks
a.     Before Workshop: 79%
b.     Plans after Workshop: 97%
5.     Teaching about 4-month-old’s distractibility
a.     Before Workshop: 37%
b.     Plans after Workshop: 97%
6.     Teaching about 9-month-old’s stranger anxiety
a.     Before Workshop: 22%
b.     Plans after Workshop: 94%

Your CONFIDENCE to teach parents
7.     I am confident that I can identify an infant’s response to OVER-STIMULATION
a.     Before Workshop: 15%
b.     After Workshop: 97%
8.     I am confident that I can comfort a CRYING baby
a.     Before Workshop: 82%
b.     After Workshop: 100%
9.     I am confident that I can identify an infant’s LIGHT AND DEEP SLEEP
a.     Before Workshop: 65%
b.     After Workshop: 100%

EVALUATION of Workshop
10.  “I think this material was evidence-based.” - 100% Strongly Agree or Agree
11.  “I would recommend this workshop to other colleagues.” -  100% Strongly Agree or Agree