A New Certified HUG Teacher Shares HUG Your Baby

Jill Bennett is a nurse and childbirth educator in Franklin, Tennessee. She shares with us some insight into how HUG Your Baby  has impacted the work she enjoys.

I love sharing the HUG Your Baby information to new parents. It is hands on ( or off) information they will be able to continue to use as they are raising their baby's. Many of the parents of newborns seem so anxious about  breastfeeding and what do when the baby is fussy.  When I see that these parents are getting the information, the changes on their faces is priceless to me.  

One day a couple in the hospital told me that their baby was the fussiest baby in the hospital!  When they were coming down the hallway with their crying baby, I stopped them and asked if I would try something.  I picked up the screaming baby, put his hands to the chest, looked away, from him a moment, swayed the baby slightly up and down, and that  baby stopped!  I was so excited to actually see the results of the techniques work so quickly.  The parents just stood there amazed crying!  The parents and I did get to continue talking. I did feel like they then understood the SOS pattern and steps to calming their baby.  My hope is that they left the hospital with a calmer baby! and happier parents.  When I can arm parents with this kind of practical information, I believe they go home with more confidence in their parenting skills. In addition, the baby will benefit from parents who understand the baby better and will use the information they received as they continue to care for their newborn.