Adelaide, Australia, Gets The HUG!

We were met at an airport in Australia by the cassowary, a (wo)man-eating bird who apparently is NOT interested in Getting a HUG. Walking beside a beautiful beach the next day in Cairns we learned that CROCS, instead of humans, enjoy frolicking in that particular surf. So we are happy to meet Australian colleagues who are a LOT friendlier and less threatening than some of the Aussie wildlife!

Australia has the benefits, and sometimes the challenges, of being an enormous continent with a great diversity of population, including significant numbers of refugees and immigrants.
A maternity nurse attending our HUG session in Adelaide reported that over 130 languages are spoken in her hospital each day. “I do a lot of pointing and hardly speak English on some days,” she said.

CLICK HERE to watch this one-minute YouTube video to discover what HUG learners most enjoyed about this workshop.

Once again professionals attending a HUG workshop are impressed with the concepts of “Broadcasting and Commentating” on a baby’s behavior. Though easy to understand, our practice session proves that it is harder than it looks! Participants are especially impressed with how using these techniques for breastfeeding support will enhance mum’s confidence and help to engage fathers.

After thousands of miles of travel and a number of days of non-stop teaching, Jim thinks we deserve a refreshing Adelaide break. So off we go on a tasting tour in the Barossa Valley wine country. Jim smells a 100-year-old port, while I nip into a 10-year-old one. (Not surprisingly, my white wine that evening taste like water!) Tomorrow we leave this chilly, wet weather behind as we head off to Cairns, Australia.