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Canadian Certified HUG Teacher Giving A HUG!

Michele Kezar is a certified teacher from Ontario, Canada. She is currently pursuing her certification as a postpartum doula and breastfeeding counselor. Michele is using what she has learned from HUG Your Baby to better support her clients.

HUG Your Baby was one of the most informative courses I have ever taken. My undergraduate degree is in child development but we never focused on newborns. HUG puts the information in everyday language that is useful for new parents and easy to remember. 

My favorite experience with HUG Your Baby is seeing parents react when they can recognize their baby's body language! As a former teacher I have always loved to see when my students have those lightbulb moments. I now teach my clients the HUG information prenatally and then follow up postpartum. It's so wonderful to hear them say what THEY have seen in their baby. The language that HUG uses is so straight forward and simple that it's clear and relevant for new parents. They can easily take what I am teaching them and see it in action right away. 

I look forward to using the HUG strategies with my parents. These new parents are impressed by my knowledge. Thank you HUG Your Baby for not only helping me learn more about newborns an their body language but providing me with an easy way to teach my clients as well.