Home-Based Professional Becomes a Certified HUG Teacher

The home-based program I work with just started a prenatal program. I am excited to be sharing HUG Your Baby information with our parents. The HUG videos and materials are well research and offer language and educational strategies that parents understand and relate to. I am finding that several points of the training, in particular, are important to the new parents and pregnant parents I serve.

The first module I completed was “HUG Strategies.” A few day after I completed this course, I had my home visit with Francisco. Practicing “broadcasting and commenting” with his parents was the hook that connected his parents to our program. It is not too often that both parents attend a home visit. When this happens I need to take advantage of the situation. Francisco's parents were engaged by my description of their baby's behavior and were affirmed in their role as parents.

“Gaze, then Engage” is another concept that is helpful to my parents. Presenting the HUG video to parents sends the message that “you are not alone”; other parents are in the same situation, and professionals like us are here to help. I have asked several experienced moms what they are doing differently this time, now that they have been exposed to the HUG Your Baby resources. Typically they say that they didn’t have the circle of support they have this time. I believe that sharing “Hug Your Baby” information with parents will lead to better outcomes for the families we serve.