Celebrate the Honoring of Barbara Hotelling, One of Our Certified HUG Instructors

Duke University School of Nursing's
"Clinical Instructor of the Year"!
I am delighted that Barbara Hotelling serves as one of the three international HUG Your Baby instructors. But, Duke University School of Nursing is also VERY lucky to have her as a Labor and Delivery Clinical Instructor. This year her students chose her as their "Clinical Instructor of the Year"! 

Barbara has served childbearing families for decades as a doula, childbirth educator, nurse, nurse practitioner, lactation consultant, and Certified HUG Teacher. Her recent publication as editor of How To Become Mother-Friendly: Policies andProcedures for Hospitals, Birth Centers, and Home Birth Services, continues to help families get humanistic, optimal care.

In recent years Barbara has devoted her skills to supporting nursing students, who will be caring for all of us in the years ahead!

Join me in celebrating what her students from Duke University said about her when they presented her with this prestigious award at their graduation service:

Barbara Hotelling is an exceptional Clinical Instructor. She is able to connect easily with students, patients and families, and doles out the best hugs! Barbara has that perfect combination of providing both guidance and freedom to students to safely manage their own patients’ care within their scope of practice. She steps in when needed, and shows through example how to provide nonjudgmental, patient-centered care. She utilizes multiple teaching modalities--kinetic, visual and auditory learning--and has her students sing songs and practice doula techniques on each other. She even demonstrated the beauty of birth with a ping pong ball and a balloon!

Teaching The HUG in Korea
Barbara has taught The HUG to parents and professionals in the US, Iceland, Korea, and China. For decades she has dreamed of having even more tools to inform parents about their newborns’ amazing talents. She says that HUG Your Baby provides these tools and that she is delighted to have this information to share with expectant and new parents.