Australia: ILCA 2013 Workshop Evaluations

I was delighted to be asked to make two presentations at the 2013 International Lactation Consultant Conference  in Melbourne, Australia. Evaluations of these workshops have just been compiled. 

#1 Extending Breastfeeding:
Understanding Newborn "Zones" and Signs of Over-Stimulation ("SOSs") 

Seventy-five experienced lactation specialists joined me in exploring how misunderstanding a baby's behavior impacts breastfeeding. 
Objectives of this presentation were:
  • Identify three newborn "Zones."
  • Identify three newborn "SOSs."
  • Describe how misunderstanding a newborn's "SOSs" might interfere with breastfeeding.
Following is the feedback from all who completed an evaluation of this workshop.

#2 Extending Breastfeeding: 
Exploring developmental events from birth to one year that impact breastfeeding

Invigorated by the reception of my first presentation, I spoke to more than 200 lactation specialists who attended my second presentation at ILCA 2013. The partition was opened to accommodate a larger-than-anticipated audience.

Objectives of this presentation were:
  • Identify four predictable developmental events that impact breastfeeding during the first year of life.
  • Identify two ways to help mothers anticipate these developmental events.
Following is the feedback from all who completed an evaluation of this workshop. 

ILCA attracts lactation leaders who have served internationally for decades, lactation researchers who bring us the latest in evidence-based care, and dedicated lactation specialists who care daily for breastfeeding women. Speaking to such a passionate, committed, experienced and discerning audience, I was delighted that 94% of ILCA professionals found the HUG Your Baby presentations to be "very effective" or "effective."

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