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Bali: Visiting Robin Lim at Bumi Sehat

Robin Lim, "the Guerrilla midwife," (photo) an icon in the birth community, continues her incredible work at Bumi Sehat Birth Center (photo) in the village of Nyuh Kuning, near Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Seventeen years ago our family met hers here and appreciated the chance to learn about their lives and work, to join her children and husband, Wil, on their weekly temple visit, and to take her kids for a splash at the local swimming hole.

This week I visit Robin and Bumi Sehat, catch up on our kids' lives, and am, once again, inspired by the remarkable work Robin does.

Today I join a group of midwives from Sumatra who have just set up a birth center there. They are eager to learn more from their birthing "neighbor," to see a bouncing birth ball and a tub for water births. Together we watch several water birth videos and, of course, they have a number of followup questions--all in Bahasa Indonesia, of course.

Though the fine (and important) details of this conversation may elude me, I can follow the thrill and delight of Robin acting out a birth. With the kind and competent (dramatized) care of her staff member and a Sumatran midwife, a "baby" is quickly born. I look around the room and feel blessed to be in the company of women who devote their lives to serving families at this most powerful and sacred time. I give the Sumatran midwives a HUG Your Baby DVD to take home, and appreciate Robin's invitation to give a HUG Your Baby presentation to the midwives and students at Bumi Sehat next week.