Australia: Evaluation of HUG Your Baby's One-Day Workshops (2013)

All 450 participants in the six, one-day Australian HUG Your Baby workshops sponsored by Barb Glare's Breastfeeding Conferences were asked to complete an anonymous workshop evaluation following the workshop. The graphs below reflect the feedback that has been received to date:

The following comments are a representative sampling of further feedback offered by participants:
"Great workshop - interactive and enough time to chat with others."
"I've been a midwife for 27 years. Thank you for showing me how to REALLY look at a baby."
"It was one of the best [all-day workshops] I have attended. I have used the DVD several times already." 
"It provided quick techniques to calm a baby in a busy GP practice."
"It was an excellent workshop. Although a large number of attendees were present, the workshop was interactive and always interesting."
"This is something I have thought about for years - how to give parents visual tools for understanding what their baby is saying to them."
"Loved it. A lot of the material was more like a review, but a fresh approach."
"I like how Jan spelled out the difference between 'Broadcasting' and 'Commentating'. It really stuck in my mind."
"Enjoyable, thought provoking. Will help us use terminology parents can understand."
"Thank you for such great notes (handouts). Enjoyed the ability to follow the speaker without having to take notes."