Success By 6/Smart Start Oklahoma brings HUG Your Baby to their State!

Today Success By 6 ordered 1,000 HUG DVDs and "Roadmaps to Breastfeeding Success" handouts for their patients. In addition, fifty postpartum nurses will complete HUG online training and four maternity leaders will become Certified HUG Teachers. Let us all celebrate their commitment to meeting the needs of the families they serve!

How will HUG Your Baby benefit their hospital?

  • Parent-child bonding and breastfeeding duration is enhanced when parents understand normal newborn behavior and can read their baby’s body language.
  • Effective patient education promotes patient satisfaction with hospital experience.
  • Satisfied patients refer friends and family to your medical facility.
  • Satisfied patients enhance staff satisfaction.
  • Satisfied staff provide more effective services and have greater job retention.

Endorsements of HUG Your Baby
  • "The HUG captures important elements of the Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale (NBAS) and offers parents another way to understand their baby.”   Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, Brazelton Touchpoints Institute
  • "The  Amazing Talents of the Newborn". Together parents and professionals discover the talents of a baby as well as how reading a baby’s body language promotes effective breastfeeding, sleeping, comforting and attachment." Marshall Klaus, MD and Phyllis Klaus, MFT, LMSW 
  • "Using user-friendly analogies, HUG Your Baby takes us to where the baby is coming from, and enables us to better understand and hence communicate our love and support to our infants. Who could ask for more?" Dr. Miriam Labbok, The Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute, UNC School of Public Health, Chapel Hill, NC
  • "After an enthusiastic response at our annual meeting, we are exploring how the innovative HUG resources can be adapted and utilized to support families and enhance breastfeeding in developing countries.”  Mary Decoster, IBCLC, MPH. Food Security and Nutrition Network, Washington, DC.
  • "HUG Your Baby’s ‘Teaching Newborn Behavior to Extend Breastfeeding Duration’ touches on an aspect of breastfeeding that is just as important as positions: a mother tuning into the specific needs and preferences of her unique baby. This concept may change the way you approach breastfeeding.”   ILCA (International Lactation Consultant Association)