Certified HUG Teacher Helps New Mother Calm Her Fussy Baby

Tammy Ratliff,  RN, IBCLC, CEIM lives in Chesterfield, Virginia.  She is an RN, Infant Massage Instructor and a Lactation Consultant at Johnston Willis Hospital.  She has worked there in the Maternal Infant Unit for 12 years and is eager to add HUG training to her work with young families. Let’s hear her story using HUG Your Baby.

As a Nursery Nurse the temperament of a newborn can be very apparent at birth.  My experiences is that calm and prepared parents bring a sense of peace to their birth experience.  Sometimes parents who are anxious and fearful from the beginning can have a baby that can be more challenging to console. 

While completing the required reading and studying for certification as a HUG Instructor I have shared my finding with many of my co-workers as well as my patients.  In our hospital nursery babies will be soothed by swaddling and/or a pacifier or the comfort of their parents.  One particular day a baby was sent back to the nursery by her Mother.  The Mother said she "needed a break".  The baby was constantly crying or at the breast.  While in the nursery multiple nurses tried to calm her.  Her diaper was dry.  She was swaddled tightly and was offered her pacifier multiple times.  As I entered the nursery the HUG’s video demonstration entered my mind.  I picked the baby up, brought her close to my mouth and began to shush in her ear and sway her up and down.  She instantly calmed.  Her body relaxed and her facial color began to normalize. I couldn't wait to demonstrate for this mother how well her baby responded to this HUG technique.

Mothers are always reaching out for ways to be a better parent.  The education I have acquired from The HUG Your Baby  program has provided me with techniques which that can empower new parents and help them become the parents they want to become.  Children are our best teachers. Understanding and responding to their body language is key to our success as parents.