Cetified HUG Teacher Brings Her Skills Into New Parent's Homes

Nancy Spencer, M.Ed., is a parent consultant and a leader in the world of Parents As Teachers. For decades she has provided support to teachers and parents through workshops and in-home consultations about a child’s development, behavior, and the challenges of parenting. She has begun a new program to reach out to new parents in the Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh, NC area. Join me in celebrating this new service to enthusiastic (but sometimes, overwhelmed) new moms and dads!

In the years I have spent working with families it has become apparent to me that when parents have an appropriate understanding of their child’s development and how it impacts behavior, they can make realistic choices on how to respond to behaviors and meet the needs of their children.

Those first days with a newborn are a special blend of awe, delight, and a bit of exhaustion mixed in. The HUG program provides a concise, family-friendly format for providing information and support for parents.

I am delighted to offer The Fourth Trimester to families expecting their new little one and to equip them with knowledge and skills to get off to a smooth, connected beginning. I have found that looking at The HUG DVD before their baby arrives prepares mom and dad with strategies and an understanding of their little one’s needs. One young mom who had become familiar with deep and active sleep prior to her baby’s birth was able to recognize when her newborn transitioned to light sleep. As the baby stirred and made some sweet baby sounds, this mother remarked, “Oh, he is just in a light sleep phase. He will go back to deep sleep in a few minutes.” And he did!

Visit www.confidentparentinginc.com for more information.