Exciting Evaluation of Tedder's "Zero to Three" Workshop

In December, 2011 Jan Tedder spoke at the Zero to Three Annual Institute in Washington DC. This is an important gathering of thousands of parenting and early childhood professionals from across the USA and abroad.

Tedder's Workshop: “Roadmap to Breastfeeding” (42 Participants)

SCORING: 5: Very High 4: High 3: Neutral 2: Low 1: Poor


  • 4.79 Content was consistent with stated learning objectives.
  • 4.81 Content included recent literature on topic.
  • 4.83 Teaching methods were appropriate.
  • 4.83 Visual aids, handouts and oral presentation clarified content.
  • 4.86 Information could be applied to practice and enhance professional expertise.
  • 4.86 Information could contribute to achieving personal and professional goals.
  • 4.79 Faculty was knowledgeable in content area.4.86 Faculty clarified content in response to questions.
  • 4.88 I learned a great deal as a result of this continuing education activity.

Additional Comments:I enjoyed this presentation.
An engaging speaker. Great ideas.
Delightful presentation.
Great communication between speaker and the audience.
I loved this presentation.
My favorite session of the week.
Practical information.
Passion was obvious.
Amazing. Exactly what we needed.
Informative and so engaging.
Very helpful.
A good presentation.
Very engaging.
I enjoyed the video clips.