CAPPA Trainee explores The HUG with her kids!

Leslie Rusgrove is training with CAPPA to become a Childbirth Educator. Today she completed the HUG Your Baby training (Part I) which is now required for all CAPPA certifications. I love to make a quick follow-up phone call to people who complete this program.

What a lovely talk Leslie and I had about her efforts as a full-time mom and a new childbirth educator trainee! Though she considers herself an experienced mom, she was surprised that The HUG had so much to offer her. "The ideas are easy to understand," she explains.

What I loved most about our conversation was her experience watching The HUG Part I course along with her four- and seven-year-old girls and nine-year-old son. "We do lots of things together," so sharing this experience was just one of the many things this active, involved mom does to involve her kids with learning. "They liked looking at the little babies," she explains. I can't help but find a smile on my face thinking that Leslie's children, along with their mom, learned to read a baby's body language. It is satisfying to know that HUG Your Baby can help children begin to discover the joys of parenting.