An interview: Why bring The HUG to Japan?

Jan sat down with Kimie at the end of her visit to hear Kimie summarize her experiences with The HUG and to learn more about her hopes for carrying The HUG back to Japan.

You have had a week seeing The HUG in action. What has been your favorite HUG experience this week?
Kimie responds, "Seeing how Jan uses The HUG to help promote a mother's self effacacy."

What HUG idea is most appealing to you?
Kimie answers, "The HUG program is useful for helping new parents understand their baby's behavior. I especially like the idea of an SOS."

Why do you think The HUG will be of benefit to your nursing students?
Kimie reflects on this question. "Nursing students need to understand a baby's body language for taking care of the baby. And, understanding the baby's signs will help nursing students be better teachers for new mothers."

Do you think The HUG program, which was developed in America, will "translate well" into the Japanese culture?
Kimie laughs at this question. "Babies are babies, and mothers are mothers. It is the same in each of our cultures."
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