The Greatest Pregnancy Ever

Join me in celebrating The Greatest Pregnancy Ever, a newly published book by Tracy Wilson Peters and Laurel Wilson. Tracy, CEO of CAPPA, and Laurel, Executive Director at CAPPA, are doulas and national leaders in the world of childbirth education and early parenting. After years of working with pregnant and young families, they have teased out components of having a satisfying pregnancy and early parenting experience. Here are a few key concepts:

Has anyone ever told you that you can get to know your baby and bond with her before she is even born?

Do you know that your baby’s personality is shaped by your emotions, stress levels, and environment during pregnancy?

Are you looking for ways to address the physical challenges in pregnancy that don’t require prescriptions?

Are you aware that starting in pregnancy you can help your baby develop positive relationships with the important people in your life?

Finally, here is a book written by real pregnancy experts that provides keys to unlocking the secrets of having the greatest pregnancy ever! Extraordinary scientific findings shared in this book will forever change the way you view pregnancy and your growing baby.

The Greatest Pregnancy Ever offers advice for creating a peaceful, joyful, and positive beginning for your family. This book offers insights and tips for addressing fears and anxieties, managing stress, increasing comfort during pregnancy, and creating a way of life that will transform you, your baby, and ultimately the world you live in.

Authors and pregnancy experts Laurel Wilson and Tracy Wilson Peters know that parents do not need to read volumes of encyclopedic detail on pregnancy in order to learn what is important. Instead, The Greatest Pregnancy Ever offers real-life solutions to the emotional and physical issues pregnant women face.

This book is designed around four keys that can unlock the secrets to having the greatest pregnancy ever. The keys relate to specific time periods and concepts during pregnancy. When parents focus on incorporating these keys into their lifestyle, it positively influences the behavior and personality of their child. No longer should the information given to pregnant women focus primarily on the aches and pains of pregnancy; what is needed today is an understanding of how important the motherbaby bond is and how this bond forever impacts the family dynamic. The Greatest Pregnancy Ever is the only book that meets this need.

This book shares little known facts that can change the entire experience of pregnancy and parenting for families. For example:

· Chronic stress in pregnancy can lead to a baby who cries more, sleeps less, and is anxious.

· A mother’s thoughts and feelings create chemical signals that literally form her baby’s brain and develop into emotional intelligence.

· Only during pregnancy and the first few years of a child’s life can parents truly influence who their child will become, both emotionally and physically.

All moms want to do whatever they can to positively impact the development of their child. They want to have the greatest pregnancy ever, and luckily it is possible with the information and practices in this book.

The keys relate to the concept of being able to B.O.N.D. This connection is imperative to the baby, the mother, and the partner for overall health and wellness. Many parents find with their busy, overscheduled, and stressful lives that seeking connection is just one more item on their to-do list. The Greatest Pregnancy Ever solves this dilemma by providing very simple tools, techniques, and tips for parents to use. They not only make connection possible, but ease stress and improve parents’ daily lives and their relationships.

The book is organized into four parts:

B.O.N.D. - Keys to Bonding

· B-Be-ing - Conception, The Beginning

· O-Observing - The First Trimester

· N-Nourishing - The Second Trimester

· D-Deciding - The Third Trimester

There is no time more important than right now to introduce these concepts to expectant parents. With cesarean rates approaching 40 percent, preterm births steadily on the rise, and the increased stress levels of mothers, this information is vital to protecting future generations. The primary factors that increase the risk to pregnancy and the infant is chronic stress and disconnection between mother and baby. Babies are constantly tuned in to their mother throughout pregnancy and early childhood. Their mother’s thoughts, feelings, and actions lay the groundwork for how the baby perceives the world by molding the child’s brain, organ systems, and emotional development.

Start today by embracing motherhood in an entirely new way—start by having the greatest pregnancy ever!

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