Ohio WIC and HUG Your Baby Collaboration

Great news from Ohio! The Ohio Health Dept has purchased The HUG DVD for their WIC breastfeeding counselors - for the whole state!

Ohio has a special Breastfeeding Peer Helper Program. "The Breastfeeding Peer Helper Program is a program designed to enhance the breastfeeding support services provided by WIC. Breastfeeding peer helpers are women in the community with personal breastfeeding experience. They provide mother-to-mother breastfeeding education and support which in turns helps mothers successfully reach their breastfeeding goals. Peer Helpers assist by establishing a connection with families, helping mothers in managing common concerns, providing ongoing encouragement and offering comfort outside the usual workday. The development of the Breastfeeding Peer Helper program has increased breastfeeding initiation and duration rates among the WIC population."

Nearly 400 HUG DVDs were recently mailed out and will be entering the lives of expectant and new parents very soon!