New Certified HUG Teacher Uses The HUG to Enhance Services to Young Families!

Gail is a professional certified birth and postpartum doula, and certified childbirth educator that has been attending births in the triangle area since 2006. When Gail attends a birth, she brings not only her heart and passion for birth, but experience and training from almost 70 births and continual research on subjects relating to birth. As an educator and doula, she keeps up –to-date on the latest studies, procedures, protocols and policies surrounding birth and area hospitals and providers. Incorporating the Hug Your Baby curriculum with her clients has been very well received and the parents are so encouraged by what they learn about normal behaviors of the newborn-sleep patterns, tips for calming crying baby, and how to identify overstimulation. Contact Gail at 910-980-8111.

What a joy it was to visit with four babies on one Saturday and to go over the HUG YOUR BABY video with them. The babies' ages ranged from almost 1 week to almost 8 weeks of age. Instead of using a ball, I used a large plastic container of Tic Tacs. (You can get them in different colors and they make a great noise for baby to hear.) It has been wonderful to work with parents and to show them the benefits of the Hug Your Baby program. ALL of the families are eager to learn about how to make their baby less fussy and how to get them to sleep. As a childbirth educator, it will be so exciting to add the Hug Your Baby approach to my curriculum. Gail Dixon, CD(DONA), PCD(DONA), CCBE, LE