Lamaze International Approves Two Online HUG Courses for LCCE Educator Credit

As leaders in the field of childbirth education, Lamaze International has just approved two HUG online courses.

Helping Parents Understand their Newborn (Part I approved for two contact hours credit):
1. describes primary concepts of The HUG to prevent and solve problems around a baby's eating, sleeping, crying, and around parent-child attachment and bonding
2. presents real-life scenarios using The HUG with new moms and dads
3. provides tools and resources to introduce The HUG concepts to families

See course details and watch preview of course.

HUG Strategies and Skill Building (Part II approved for four contact hours credit):
1. shows how the HUG Strategies enhance parent's confidence and care of their baby
2. demonstrates how use of the HUG Strategies enhances the patient-provider relationship
3. provides more in-depth review of medical and child development literature on infant zones, crying, eating, sleeping, and play
4. enhances providers' ability to demonstrate baby's abilities to see, hear and respond to her parents
5. reviews impact of The HUG on fathering and on secure attachment
6. presents case studies, video analysis, HUG Your Baby blogs, and problem-solving experiences

See course details and watch preview of course

I am reminded of the blog, "I didn't know a baby was a REAL person!" which speaks to the power of introducing The HUG concepts and techniques during a childbirth education class.

As one Lamaze instructor recently told me, "Childbirth might last a day or two, but parenting. . . that last a lifetime! It's wonderful to help parents-to-be prepare both for that 'BIG DAY' and the 'MANY DAYS' that follow!"