"Helping Parents Fall in Love with their Baby"

Margaret Bain, an IBCLC lactation consultant in a hospital in northern Virginia, talks about her experience with parents and how The HUG connects to her work with new moms and dads.

I am a hospital-based Lactation Consultant, and I see my role not so much as promoting breastfeeding, but facilitating the process of parents falling in love with their new baby. I spend much of time teaching parents how to read their baby's signals as in:

Me: How did your baby's body feel to you before he was fed?
Mom: He was restless & tense.
Me: And how does his body feel to you now that he has finished feeding?
Mom: Relaxed.
Me: Why do you think that is?
Mom: Because he is no longer hungry.
Me: What does that tell you about your milk supply?
Mom: I must have milk.
Me: (thinks) Bingo!

Margaret is now studying The HUG online courses. Join her in this engaging and economical way to increase your skills to educate and support new parents!