Give The HUG to a 'Baby Blues Mom'", suggests a new Certified HUG Teacher.

Pam McKimie is a Diplomat of the College of Physicians of the American Association of Integrative Medicine. Working with moms and dads of premature newborns is her passion.Her goal is to help as many families as possible understand that even during the toughest times, they can still interact and enjoy their baby in a nurturing and loving way, while at the same time, participating in the growth and development of their newborn! Learn more about her work here!

Here is Pam's story...

"We all know that having a new baby can be a stressful event, especially for a new mom. When she was pregnant, she was excited and busy preparing for the arrival of her “new bundle of joy”. But then, once the baby arrives, reality sets in….new responsibilities, lack of sleep, and having to manage the demands of day to day living, mom is feeling a bit over-whelmed.

While all of these new changes are taking place, mom is trying to establish a bond with her precious baby. Sometimes this can be difficult….every time mom wants to play with her “bundle of joy”, he turns away from her, and he is always fussy during breastfeeding!

HERE COMES THE EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER KNOWN AS THE BABY BLUES…Changing hormones, new responsibilities, and feelings of rejection would give even the best mom the Blues!

This is a great time to give mom THE HUG! The HUG program helps new moms understand the unique language of their baby by learning the signs of over-stimulation (SOS), and the three newborn zones … the Resting, Ready, and Rebooting Zones.

Now mom and baby are communicating, and before you know it…Mom is playing with her baby, breastfeeding is going smoothly, mom and baby are sleeping better, and the demands of day to day life are much easier!

So the next time you see a mom with the “baby blues” give her The HUG!!"