Discover..."You Are My World"

Professional conferences always introduce me to new people, new ideas, new products, and new inspirations. Such an introduction occured at CAPPA 2010 (Charlotte, NC) this month. One of this year's inspirations was the new book, You Are My World , by Amy Hatkoff.

This sweet little book captures both that precious tone and those subtle truths which become part of a new parent's life. Short "messages" from a newborn share the page with lovely black and white photographs:

When I can count on you, I learn to trust.
When you kiss my boo-boos, you teach me how to be kind toward others.
When you get excited about me, I get excited about life.

In a family-friendly way Ms. Hatkoff presents the importance of how attachment and reading a baby's body language impact a baby's developing brain. Her content reminds us in pictures and words of the wisdom of Erikson(about trust), of Bowlby (about bonding), of McClure (on the power of touch) and of Pruett (on fathering). Her closing phrase, Your love prepares me for the journey reinforces the importance of what you and I do every day for the families we serve.