"That's MY Baby!"

Guest author:

Leslie Gallimore, a doula and Certified HUG Teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina, offers this important story!

Erica brought two-week old Carmen to visit me. She had attended the classes I teach prior to the birth of her precious baby girl. Erica’s mom accompanied the two of them because Erica was not supposed to be driving yet.

As Erica held Carmen and we talked, Carmen demonstrated an SOS. Her face turned red, her arms and legs moved in a somewhat jerky manner. I suggested that Erica should hold Carmen’s hands to her chest. The baby looked at her mom and began to settle. Erica smiled and said, “What a smart baby!"

I held Carmen and asked Erica to say her name. Carmen grew still and turned in the direction of her mother. Carmen’s grandmother smiled and nodded. I suggested that she also say Carmen’s name. Much to this grandmother’s delight, Carmen turned toward her as well. Carmen’s grandmother took her from me, hugged her close and said, “That’s my baby!”