Newly Certified HUG Teacher offers Her Expertise!

Pam Diamond (on right) is a mother and baby specialist and a Certified HUG Teacher in Cary, North Carolina. She owns First Daze & NightZzz, postpartum doula services and baby sleep consulting.

Perry (the mom on the left) recently moved to this area, and is desperate for support in getting her daughter to nap and sleep without being attached to the breast. “I am depressed and do not feel like a very good mom,” she says. “I have failed my little girl who suffers every time I am not available.” Perry explains that early on she relished the closeness and connection that came with snuggling and nursing her baby during naps and bedtime. But at seven months her daughter needs to have mom's nipple in her mouth during EVERY nap and ALL NIGHT LONG! Mom is beginning to resent her daughter and knew something has to change.