Learning a foreign language: Baby Talk!

One joy I have had over the past two years is to receive short messages by phone or email from doulas, lactation specialist, nurses, and childbirth educators who are beginning to use The HUG with their clients. It's time we got together! And since a cup of tea at my house would be a stretch for us (today, anyway), let's share some of our HUG stories. I am now in the process of developing more training materials and your stories, questions, victories, and frustrations will help me pull together other materials and resources to benefit you in your day to day life with young families.

Expectant couples are understandably focused on birthing their bay, how to change a diaper, and how to take a temperature. But, do expectant couples understand they can learn to "Talk Baby Talk," learn to read a baby's body language? They wouldn't go to France without a dictionary, so why not learn the language of babies in preparation for parenthood? Maybe The HUG will act like a dictionary for Baby Talk!

The new HUG website is up and running. Give it a look-see and let me know how we can interest parents in learning the foreign language of their new baby!

Thanks for all you do!