Giving Birth in India

Priti lives in Hyderabad. She hears birth stories that send a chill down her spine. Five months pregnant herself, she wants a different experience. This week Priti feels the kicking of her new baby for the first time. These tiny flutters just below her belly button, remind her that a REAL person is living inside of her. As a mother-to-be she dreams of holding her baby close, nursing with confidence, and sharing her child with others she loves. Priti wants to welcome her little one into this world... gently, lovingly, in the same spirit in which he or she was convieved. Medication, inductions, forceps, c-sections...this is the world of medicine. Priti wants less - less intervention - so that she can have more - the power of giving birth.

Priti finds her way one day to the work of Birth India ( Here she discovers that others share her dreams. Women involved with Birth India see birth as an experience to embrace. Though medical professionals are important for the 5-15% of babies who need intervevtion, Birth India knows that the majority of new mothers will deliver healthy, full term babies when given the resources and support they deserve. Priti meets with the local childbirth educator, reads the literature they suggest, and grows to understand the importance of choosing natural childbirth both for the mother and for the baby. With the kind help and support of this birthing community, Priti takes control of her birthing experience.

Raj was born today - full term, a healthy, viginal birth. Now as he lies between her breasts, he looks up to his mother with a quiet, alert stare - like they had already known one another, for a long time. He comes to this world with a vigor and a determination Priti can already see and appreciate. Priti shares this precious moment with her husband, her mother, and her sister. For months and years to come she will share her choice of how to give birth with other young women as well, for now Priti has her own story to tell - one that can give knowledge and inspiration to others.