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Lactation Consultant in Mexico becomes a Certified HUG Teacher

Mitzi Allcia Garcia Zarate is a nurse and lactation consultant in Chihuahua, Mexico. As a participant in the Breastfeeding on the Border organization, Mitzi attended the all-day HUG Your Baby program in New Mexico. She has now completed the Certified HUG Teacher program and has incorporated HUG resources and techniques into her practice. She shared the following reflection of her HUG Your Baby training.

I have a bachelor's degree in nursing, certified as a consultant in breastfeeding, for more than five years. During all this time I had dedicated myself to support mothers in their problems with breastfeeding, to explain "normal" behaviors of their babies to the breast, always looking for families to feel satisfied with their experience in breastfeeding. Parents always tell me about their baby's behavior, to which I was interested in learning more about the subject, when I met the Hug your baby program, I knew that this would be the perfect complement to my work with families.

The H.U.G. It has allowed me to obtain knowledge and skills, which complement my training, to help families live, not only a successful breastfeeding, but also a pleasant fatherhood. I feel safe to support the parents in knowing the behavior of their babies and in how to react to their needs, and in this way, favor the establishment and duration of breastfeeding.

I have incorporated the knowledge of the HUG program into the breastfeeding classes, for the benefit of the families, managing to correct erroneous ideas transmitted to them by other people, and making them feel more confident in their capacity to take care of their new baby. In the trainings that I offer to fellow professionals of health, I have also incorporated the HUG program, so that they themselves understand the "language" of the babies, and in this way they can support the parents in the discovery of their new child. I appreciate the opportunity to be a certified HUG teacher, and be able to help so many families on the beautiful path of fatherhood.