Japanese Nursing Faculty Confirm Benefits of HUG Your Baby

A Japanese colleague, Yoko Shimpuku, PhD, CNM, RN, and Jan Tedder wrote an article that describes the impact of bringing HUG Your Baby to Japan. 

(2013).  HUG Your Baby: Evidence-based support tool for early child rearing.  Japanese Journal of Nursing Education 54(12): 1114-1118.

Since some of you may need to brush up on your Japanese in order to read it, I want to share the content of this article in English! The article includes:
  • A summary of the challenges childbearing families in Japan face today: 
    • decreased fertility rates
    • increased average age of new mothers
    • isolation of young mothers due to decreased proximity of the nuclear family
    • long working hours of fathers
  • Academic background of HUG Your Baby: Based on the research and writings of leaders in the pediatric and child development world including: 
    • Dr. T. Berry Brazelton and his colleagues, Dr. Kevin Nugent and Dr. Edward Tronick
    • Drs. Stella Chess and Alexander Thomas
    • Dr. Mary Ainsworth
    • Drs. Marshal and Phyllis Klaus
  • Components of the HUG Your Baby Program: Innovative and family-friendly language helps parents 
    • observe three newborn "Zones," including the "Resting - sleeping Zones," the "Ready - 'I am ready to eat or play' - Zone," and the "Rebooting - fussing or crying Zone";
    • notice "Body SOSs" (changes in color, movement and breathing) and the "Behavioral SOSs" ("Spacing Out," "Switching Off," and "Shutting Down"), in order to
    • prevent and solve problems around a baby's eating, sleeping crying and parent-child interaction.
  • 23 faculty completed evaluation of presentation.
  • The feedback received from nurses who completed an evaluation of the HUG Your Baby workshop they attended in Japan.