When the baby dies . . .

Many of us have had the experience of hearing that a baby has died. And, then a brave and overwhelmed mother needs to go through the delievery experience knowing that she will not become the mother she had hoped to be.

Ariel Darby is someone who has both had this heartbreaking experience and has been called to help other mothers and fathers facing the death of their baby.

Ariel is in the process of completing the CAPPA Birth Doula program and took The HUG YOur Baby (Part I) online course as part of this program. She and I had a moment to chat after she completed The HUG course.

Ariel explains that becoming a birth doula will enable her to offer these families even more support. She has set up a "Shares Caring Heart" in her Vermont community. Her program is part of the national organization, Share. She is a volunteer at the local hospital who will call her if they know a women is entering labor with the death of her unborn child.

In addition to the birth support that these mothers (and every mother) needs, Ariel will help the family negotiate the hospital system which is usually more prepared to celebrate a birth rather than mourn a loss.

Thank you, Ariel, for the important work you do. And, we hope HUG Your Baby and your new doula training will help you continue this special care of moms and dads.

If you want to be in touch with Ariel, she can be reached at arieldarby@hotmail.com