Real-Time Use of The HUG DVD

Susan Henderson is a nurse and childbirth educator in Philadelphia, PA. She works at Alpha Pregnancy Services which serves pregnant women and their partners in the downtown area. The average age of her clients is in their early twenties and women join this program before 20 weeks pregnant.

How lucky these pregnant families are that three 4-hour childbirth education classes are offered! The third class is on breastfeeding and newborn care, and that is where The HUG DVD has found its home! After birth, the mothers are invited to join a Mom's Group, where they gain the support and encouragement of other moms and the wisdom and education of social workers and nurses.

Susan tells a lovely story of a recent encounter with a young couple. They had attended the newborn care class, but that was before The HUG DVD was on-site. Recently they returned with concern about their fussing three-week-old. During their visit the couple struggled to calm their fussing baby, their frustration growing as his crying persisted.

On the spot, Susan was able to show them The HUG DVD and then to gently demonstrate how a swaddle could help their fussy baby. Mom and Dad were delighted . . . and empowered by a new parenting skill they could use right away.

Showing the DVD to a parent with a newborn, and reflecting right then on tips and techniques to calm that baby, certainly takes advantage of a precious "teachable moment." That's "Real-Time" teaching at its best!

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